Friday, November 21, 2008

Turkey Cookies - No Baking Needed!!

Impress your family and friends this Thanksgiving with awesome Turkey cookies!! I made these for Enrichment Night yesterday, and all the ladies were ooooing and awwwing. These take approximately 15 minutes. I wish I could take credit for these cute lil guys, but I came across the recipe on

What You Need
Oreo Cookies
Whoopers Candy
Candy Corn
Royal Icing

Make It
Use half an Oreo cookie for the base of the turkey (use the half with the most icing)
Take a whole cookie and half it. Now place 4 candy corns into the icing on the cookie for the feathers. Put the other half back on to make the body. Press the body down into the base. You can use icing to affix the body into the base so that it is more sturdy. Take white tips off the candy corns to use for noses. Press a white tip into a whooper the nose. Press your whooper onto the base in front of your turkey body. Now you have the cutest turkey cookie ever!

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