Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brown Sugar BBQ Cicken

What You Need
2 Boneless Skinless Breasts
3/4 cup of BBQ Sauce
1/4 cup of Brown Sugar
1 tsp of Vinegar

Make It
Place thawed out chicken into crock pot
Add BBQ sauce, brown sugar, and vinegar
Let it cook 3-5 hours on high or 6-8 on low


*You can use any type of BBQ sauce that you like. Honey BBQ sauce tastes REALLY good with the brown sugar.


Ally said...

Hey Becky..I tried this today! When we got back from church I noticed some buns we needed to use so I shredded the chicken(which was easy to do since it was so tender) and we had bbq sandwiches..sooo yummy! Thanks!

Becky Mahana said...

That sounds really good too! Thanks for sharing!

Hane-nahMarie said...

What a treasure i have found! I'm glad you let me in on thissecond blog. I'm more prone to use this than my cook books. Oh and you just wait until I get this one video up of you and me sliding around on our kitchen floor. It's a gem. I think I was talking to Maegan Miller, but that conversation sounds familiar to you becuase I know we had some probably just like that. oooh being nastalgic is so fun.